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yucatan Jays

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Fantastic shot - I have never seen these before...

Makes me want to get a birdbath

They go for dog food.
The Yucatan jay is usually only found around the Yucatan....;-)
Nice shots on your page.
You seem to be a birdwatcher also.

A casual newcomer more then anything. I love birds - so does my cat. (kidding, but she really does like them). Thanks for the comment. I do what I can. I am seriously under equipped for the bird work. I am a "critter" person more then strictly birds.

I got into birds as a means of relating to my older sister, and it has sort of sunk in a bit

Amazing photo. They hardly look real!

I'm experimenting with photo Shop I don't need photo sharp realism, or let me say thats not a goal i want to spend energy on .
I just want the point across on something graphic thats attractive.
They are real for sure and the 1600 speed allows me to shoot with speeds that stop action and have depth of field necessary with out lights and hassle.
I wouldn't manipulate to have the bird not accurately depicted or identified as what it is.
anyway i'm having fun. :-)

Великолепный кадр!!!

It looks like a baby jay with the fuzz. :)

You caught a great moment. Beautiful birds.

Am I right that the white-headed one is a... eh... kid?

Yes , and the interesting part is how many different ways it looks before it reaches adult.

I don't comment much but your pictures are, as usual, excellent.
I was a little startled to see your journal has grown to 1712 friends.
Quite an audience :)

I might be in Central America again later this summer. I'm looking for people doing raptor research work to hook up with. I've come to my senses and am desperately trying to get back into the sort of field ecology work I love. Anyone doing any research in your neighborhood?

I've also been offered a chance to do some GPS trail work on the Camino Real in Panama if I can somehow round up the plane fare. Exciting and frustrating in equal measure.

Take care.

Bruce Miller
I need to get his contact information back to you later today.

Contacts Bruce Miller, Ph.D. Carolyn Miller, MSc. Associate Conservation Zoologists WCS Belize Gallon Jug c/o Box 37 Belize City, Belize, Central America ...
Hes just finished a big project and it might be just the right time to contact

Как мило! Это муж и жена?

Нет они братья
Но действуя как муж и жена :-)

(Deleted comment)
They are so gorgeous! Hopefully some day I will be able to see Yucatan Jays in real life.

You will have to come to Belize :-)

wow - that's incredible...i love
the colors
and the action. nice.


Hea , Thanks a lot
welcome to my bird page

Just added you back as a friend (sorry if it took awhile) and am so glad that I did!

Your photographs are amazing! I've never seen some of these types of birds. Fantastic.

I'm having fun taking them.
They are all taken in Belize , Central America
where I live.
I'm a southern boy at heart but it seems like another life its been so long ago.

My aunt recently bought a little place in Belize and now I especially want to go visit, lol.

I've been here 20 years and have become a tour guide . where in Belize did your aunt buy?

I'm not even sure because she always just says Belize, but her name is Lori Brickley if you by some small chance know her, lol.

Its a small country and it would be likely but no. I don't think so.
One of the things i love about this place is we tend not to use last names.
we just tag them.. like Reverend Bill , TV Tom , Captain Tom, Barefoot Skinny, Taco Girl, etc. its effective and clues you in as to what they do. :-)

Beautiful birds Yoububba!

Речь идет из моего двора обратно.

It's not just animalistic photo, but nature-genre :)

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