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Начало дня

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Wow. Thats just beautiful.

Thanks guy
It was this morning at 6am with a beautiful red head, after a couple of cups of coffee on the end of my dock.
I must have done something right :-).

its a new day in Tunisia
6:00 morning

very cool

and this one
from Sahara

It must have been a good morning all over the world :-)

and the whole good day after it :)

Thank You
are you in British Isles?

No, North America. I've been fascinated by the amazing bird pictures you have -- since they're often so different than the ones I see here!

Its so easy to get the photos. so many of them i just don't even leave my house to get. I'm living a little bit off the grid and have internet services and phone at my shop closer to town.
I hear owls hooting when i sleep at night, my house is not airconditioned and is a little breezy at times. I like living close to nature.
Sadly, I see civilization on the horizon and creeping closer all the time.

Edited at 2008-11-13 08:57 pm (UTC)

*G*I kind of live half on/half off, myself. Because of the way publishing works these days, I need to be on the grid sometimes, but I go happily without stuff like cell phone and like gadgets. The smell of a good book is not to be discounted, and I seriously hope future generations don't do so! Hell, today it was pouring and 38 degrees here, and we went outside for a walk and drank it in. I think if done responsibly, there's something to be said for both ends of civilization.

Мой перевод "Новый день", как Вы бы это сказать?
i like this one. It comes up all over the world.

Edited at 2008-11-13 04:48 pm (UTC)

Я бы просто назвала "Начало", наверное. Как в Библии. Начало мира.

А вот Средиземное море 2 часа назад было совсем другим.

like this ? Начало день

May be just "Начало".

new day - новый день
beginning of the day - начало дня

Thanks. It was also an illustration to a poem.

If i stare at this just a little it almost feels real! Love the colours! ^_^

Also, this would make an amazing flag ;)

I'm getting better at displaying the photos as jpeg's.
lj has been good practice for me.

Hea girl
Hope NYC hasem also

Nice, very niсу!
(Sorry, "Начало дня" - will be ideal...

Начало дня it is then.

Like this pic very much!

Can you send it to me in high res?=)

Thanx a lot!

Wish I had time to see the dawn. The sun is rising exactly when I'm driving to work=(

Hea man thanks, I'm a fan of your stuff. very cool

Am I dreaming? Why the title is in Russian? Are you Russian or Slav?

No but most all my lj friends are,
and I like to learn about language.
key to world is understanding one another.
Рад что понравилось.:)

Edited at 2008-11-13 06:18 pm (UTC)

I was hope to ask you the same thing
But already got the answer :)

I am a Belizean, Belize is a small country in central America
English is the national language,
but the country has 5 languages spoken on streets.

yea I know where are you from, but I thought you are an american who lives in Belize. Now I know the truth :)

Very familiar situation. On our streets many different languages appears last time. But basically it's visitors, who are ready to take any work

I was born in Memphis but am citizen here.

oh thats right! I forgot it but you told me that before. Now I remember :)

(Deleted comment)
Hea girl
I'm glad everyone like it so much. I didn't do any thing big in Photo Shop with it, just adjusted the contrast a little and ran it through smart sharpen.
another lucky shot but lucky is getting up early and always having the camera with you.

So vivid. Looks like the end of the world. Or maybe the beginning!

Yea that what we where struggling about with the name.
New Day, new Beginning, start of the day ...
lots of great sunrises this week. Some people say its Obama ;-)

Edited at 2008-11-15 01:50 pm (UTC)

Awesome picture!!! Awesome!

You speak Russian? How did you learn it?

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