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Yucatan Jays All Grown Up
Cyanocorax yucatanicuc

They have become my favorite, thank you

(Deleted comment)
dog food gets them every time.

They are beautiful, and look at the amazing detail in their feet. The colors are extraordinary!

i shot it from inside my house. I can take my time and put the camera on a tripod.

Oh how smart these are, that metallic blue with the black takes some beating.

I feel like i've set a stage for them.
I'm considering painting the post so the white isn't so difficult. :-)

Girl , You have some nice avatars,.....this one is a little different. :-)

I just love your photography! These birds are so beautiful <3 Thank you for sharing!

They're so beautiful - and that's a magnificent photo. Wonderful, as always - thank you!

Thank you . Its still big fun

I don't have the words to describe how beautiful they are.

Hea , good to see your still out there.

Wow! Gorgeous shot. Thanks for sharing it!

There is a time just after dawn and right before sun set, Photographers used to call 'Magic Light'. for a few min. ,it gives good contrast and color for photos.

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Вот что я сказал :-)

какие замечательные птицы!

Да, красивые

Lovely shot!

Это юкатанские сойки. :))

yukatanskie soyki :-)
Yucatan,... OH I see
remember i use translator. but is fun working humor.

thanks, I've been wondering lately about what the colors look like in someone elses computer. I have never calibrated my monitor and I hear that's important.

Отличный кадр! =)

I love your work like I have never loved photography before.

Очень красивые птицы, и фотография сделана просто отлично!:)

Спасибо вам
Рад что понравилось.:)

gorgeous! they were so cute as babies, and they're stunning as adults :)

This spring I hope to get a solid white one,now that they are befriended. i don't think that photo exists yet.

Oh my, I am always so happy when I pop into LJ and one of your spectacular bird shots are up.

This is gorgeous!! Thanks for posting. Hope you are well. xx

Re: fantabulous!!!!

thanks, i'm good. focusing on that rosy out look is good medicine.

They look so different from North American bluejays. Beautiful. Our "ordinary" jays love dogfood too.

Their different than all the other jays. i'm lucky to be able to record them so closely.

Their different than all the other jays. i'm lucky to be able to record them so closely.

thanks, you have a lot of nice photo as well.


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