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Wow 61. usd
Sold 135 copies the first hour the site went live last night.
Wow, I didn't set the price, the publisher does. I just discovered this online this morning.
Its big and has big color photos, so I guess that's a large part of the big price.

i sent a copy to:

                Oprah Winfrey               
                P.O. Box 909715
                Chicago, IL 60690
Pick it up girl , what the hell.
site is

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I've never been shy.
hea by the by I have a new dive shop were moving into jan 11th.
about 5 times as big as this one and farther North on the island in a more pristine area . I'll post some photos when we do. I've wanted to explore the northern part but it has been a gas mileage issue.

Cool. Good luck with that either.

мои поздравления!

Спасибо вам

(Deleted comment)
Its marketed by and Barnes and Nobel, among others, primary on line.
Book publishing has changed in the last decade. technology of printing has made 'Print on Demand' more practical.

I don't find the new edition on Amazon--just the old one... hmmm.

Cool! I'll have to get a copy after payday.:)

Are planning any trips to the island , I'll have some cheaper one here.

Actually...I've just had a devious thought. I can probably request the Natural History Museum library get a copy.

Not devious , innovative!

It should be in the Ornithology library anyway!:)

I may be planning a trip there in the coming months. I'd love to meet up with you when I do!

Рад что понравилось

Очень рад, поздравляю!

Спасибо вам
Я разочарован цена является крупным размером. Я не заинтересован в деньгах. Я просто хочу людям получать информацию.

Не расстраивайтесь,книга найдет своего читателя.У вас чудесные фотографии птиц,никто не сможет пройти мимо!

hey - that's fantastic!

is that really
oprah's PO BOX? how'd you get it???


yes it really is
the publisher.
i'm sure she doesn't open it all herself.
the publisher has a list of folks they send books to in the hope of getting a review.

Wow, that's just amazing. I've always loved your stuff, I'm glad more people can now! Congrats!

I saw the snow pics on cam burrrrrr
have a good holiday

that's great!
hope, i would do the same job once ;-)

The end result is exciting.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, haven't heard from Oprah yet:-)

Oh wow, that's really great. Some day, when my finances are looking better, I may pick up a copy. And then go to Belize. ;)

One of the reasons ..perks of living here is you can't freeze to death.
have a good holiday Burrrrrrrrr

Thanks, I'm starting another real soon, and thinking of something to do with underwater. I've got a lot of info and the sea is just outside.

Wow. Congratulations!! It looks gorgeous. I can't afford it, but I'm really happy for you.:)

Thanks, sorry its so pricie.

The price isn't actually too bad for a beautiful, glossy coffee-table book; it's the exchange rate that's a killer. The Australian dollar is worth next-to-nothing at the moment! If we recover a bit more economically I can look at getting a copy, as your photos are *beautiful*.

Best of luck with Oprah and the libraries. I'm not sure if you have PLR/ELR (Public/Electronic Lending Rights) in Belize/The US, but it's a very nice little earner if you do, and have your books in libraries.

PLR/ELR (Public/Electronic Lending Rights)
Thanks, I'm going to look into that.

It's actually Pulblic/Education Lending Rights. Not Electronic. I'm very, very tired and my job is making me want to hide in a hole and never come out, so please forgive the slip.
In Australia, at least, you have to register your books with the central database in order to be eligible. I believe you receive an annual payment for each copy of your book that's in a library or school. You could probably make quite a bit by doing school tours talking about your experiences in Belize, leading to the school purchasing a copy of the book for their library. I don't know if that's something you could consider, but down here at least schools are generally pretty keen to get interesting people to do inspirational career/adventure talks, especially if they come with pictures.:)

All of which probably sounds very cynical, but authors make little enough as it is; after all the work that goes into the creation of a book it's nice if you can actually live off it a little more.

I hope it does really well for you; your pictures are amazing, and you obviously have such a love for your subject matter it positively glows.:)

I really wish I could afford this right now. What an accomplishment. =) Congrats!

You know me, Its all a lot of fun.

Wow congratulations! Your photos really do deserve to be shared with more people...they are so amazing.

Thanks, I chose the subject of birds because I thought it would be a benign subject and wouldn't be something I would make enemys with or get into any kind of trouble.
way wrong
but its all fun, and a if a person doesn't have a few enemies and disagree with a number of people they should be checked for a lobotomy scar or they could be named Pollyanna.
Have a good Holiday.

Cool! That's a good present to Christmas.
Happy New Year for you!

Thanks ,
Have a good holiday.

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