Took this an hour ago in the mangrove river behind San Pedro.

I'm not a Dragonologists but this is a male and in his breeding colors.
It has unique sophisticated sensory mechanisms.
One is In it's mouth that picks up molecules from the air. This organ can identify dangers or prospective meals.
Even stranger is the third eye, an actual transparent membrane in the back of its head connected to the parietal area of it's brain. It's function is keeping watch for threats from the sky such as Hawks or other flying predators.


Too Late to Die Young

   67th Birthday.
The last three months have been different. There are a lot of things i don't like about old men so I started working on those things in me.
I dropped 30 pounds. I like my new slim body and enjoy seeing muscles I haven't seen in decades.
I'm going diving this morning on the Barrier Reef, using Nitrox of course and at conservative depths because I am old and not denying it or ignoring and Nitrox is safer for my aged system.
I'll take my camera and come back to this journal to post some photos.