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Customer parking only

Customer parking only is a sign my neighbors put up on the property next to me. I laughed at my ridiculous neighbors and this preposterous sign in the coconut grove of my island paradise because of the remoteness of our homes with no roads, no shops and no cars but laughed only until they cut down the trees, replaced the beach with cement, dredged a channel and cut the mangroves to bulldoze a road through. It was no longer funny when my favorite birds became scarce and parking in the proper areas became a real issue.

The world is changing. Not news! Your right. From our vantage point on Ambergris Caye we islanders have watched the outside world change for a long time, but now our world on Ambergris is changing and you know what is said about change, you can change with it, or die!

 Ernest Hemingway wrote,” I know a good country when I see one, plenty of birds! A land ages quickly once we inhabit. The natives live in harmony with it, but the developer destroys. The land gets tired of being exploited and wears out quickly. The land was made to be as we found it.”

We can restore Ambergris by planting and landscaping for sustainability of its natural habitat.

Part of our islands attraction is the natural environment we get to enjoy by living here and the islands inevitable development has, and is progressing to crowd out our natural environment but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

The islands development and living in a natural environment with its avifauna are not mutually exclusive. We can change the developing landscape of the island to accommodate avifauna and in doing so create an environment also pleasing to ourselves.

Successful landscaping begins with dirt, the first ingredient in our islands aviary, before and after the bulldozers. Saving the first few inches of sandy loam top in a corner of your lot will be a treasure of fertile starter soil for your new plants after development.

You’ve heard the expression,’ Old as Dirt’, Paleopathologist kinda guys say, the age of Yucatan Peninsula is estimated to be 18,000 years.  Northern Ambergris Caye was once undoubtedly a part of the Yucatan. However the island from Santa Cruz Lagoon southward (aprox.75% of the island) is like a sand bar. It had its beginning approximately 2,000 years ago. This is young for an island and too young for fertile tetra negro. South Ambergris’s birth was not a sudden upheaval of volcanic action, tectonic plate shifts or even the results of the end of an ice age but a slow growth of reef sediment collecting beneath the roots of mangrove thriving behind the reef over the last 2000 years. The flora that now is a retireing littoral forest on Ambergris is growing in a thin layer of organic material deposited atop this sandy collection during this short period. There is no dirt below, only calcium carbonate (a residue from the reef) and a salty acidic slime from the mangrove that will not give nutrient support to the existing flora. Fresh water is the second ingredient in the Aviary. This littoral forest surviving on an organic layer of fertile matter is watered by an extremely shallow layer of fresh water literally floating above salt water. The littoral forest is the food source that allows many of ambergris’s unusually wide variety of avifauna to exist, such as the rare Black Catbird, the Mayan Orioles, Chachalaka, Yucatan Jay, and all the birds that do not depend on the sea for food.

Valuable fresh water falls from the sky for free and is held in place to be used by flora and fauna on barrier islands by a  layer of clay like substance at the level of the sea underground. This delicate clay divider of salt from fresh is created by the up and down churning action of  tidal pressures underground very much like the action of making butter from milk. With the fresh water sitting atop the salt below, shallow depressions in the ground become fresh water ponds easily and provide drinking water for the birds as well as cheap irrigation sources for the fauna. The third ingredient would be food producing plants. Replanting the correct plants after the developers clearing can create positive sources of food for birds. Knowing what plants provide necessities is easy. The Tropical Almond Tree terminalia catappa seems to be the fastest growing tree I’ve ever experienced and its peach like fruit attracts flocks of Parakeets to my yard. The Zericote tree‘s orange blossoms and fruit attract hummingbirds and Oriole. This tree is also easy to start, its one of those plants like the gumbo-limbo that you can just stick its log wood in the ground, water and it sprouts. The hibiscus flowers are a source of more than one food and the insects they attract are more valuable to birds than nectar. The cocoa-plum tree, chrysobalanus-icaco does very well in this loamy soil and produces a pinkish-white marshmallow like fruit that attracts Chachalaka and Trogan.

Bubba and I visited The Belize Botanic Gardens and found it to be a rich source of positive examples of how thoughtful planting attracts rare avifauna. http://www.belizebotanic.org/ has information as to which plants survive where and what food is provided for whom. The Belize Botanic Gardens group cultivates, promotes, researches and enables the research of tropical flora and its conservation with an emphasis on Belizean native species and their habitats.

We learned all the variety of life on earth is called biodiversity and the health of plant biodiversity is directly related to our birds well being. Bubba feels there is no difference between our birds well being and Human well being.



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извените,что не по теме:почему вы меня добавили в друзья?

Я сожалею о не в Russain.
Я использую программное обеспечение переводчика, чтобы прочитать вашу страницу.
Я думаю, что Вы очень интересны.
Я учусь из Вас.

к сожалению я тоже плохо знаю Ваш язык,но думаю это попровмимо

i don't believe in harmony between nature and humanity. people exploite it, sometimes it takes revenge (nowadays ofter)

I made a mistake posting and left off the last page. I'm sending the end of the story now.

Customer parking only how funny.

When I was a little girl, I use to see lots of butterflies, lizards, frogs and guppies all over the place, and the sound of beetles. I rarely see them anymore, or hear the beetles. How sad.

In June the butterflys pass my little island by the millions going south.
I've noticed fewer and fewer each year.
I hope you OK, I read your page about people hassling you.
Don't be bothered with them.
By the way I read that your name was Savanna? I like that.
mine is Elbert.


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