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Sea grass Beds

Seagrasses are sometimes labeled ecosystem engineers, because they partly create their own habitat: the leaves slow down water-currents increasing sedimentation, and the seagrass roots and rhizomes stabilize the seabed. Their importance for associated species is mainly due to provision of shelter (through their three-dimensional structure in the water column), and for their extraordinarily high rate of primary production. As a result, seagrasses provide coastal zones with a number of ecosystem goods and ecosystem services, for instance fishing grounds, wave protection, oxygen production and protection against coastal erosion.

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And perfect protection against divers.

Development of the island is causing a lot of dredging up of sea beds and I'm trying to educate the public on how important they are . Its a battle.
I got the local newspaper to print some info and spread the word to the town board that issues dredging permits.
The developers have pro development propaganda of their own.
short sighted people in government just see dollars and don't realize the domino effect it will have on tourism...and tourism is the source of almost all industry on the island.

So horrible, but so usual... Good luck!

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