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Yellowhead Jawfish
opistognathus aurifrons

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I'm going back for a better shot of this guy. very interesting fish, lives in a colony of holes in the bottom. it moves its mouth at me like its scolding me for getting to close.
I will take a light next time and try some new photo techniques. This guy deserves a more interesting photo.
Its about 2-3 inches tall.
i say tall instead of long because he swims in a headup posture.

Taking underwater shots is not my best, but it seems to me that there are a little problem with white balance. Do you use RAW while taking such photos?
It's hard to me to correct this picture, but as for me it should look somehow like this:

wow how did you do that?

Just playnig with curves in photoshop. But now I see, it is so far from "original"...

You made that one up - clever fantasy!

I've been noticing these guys for years and this is my first photo. I'm definitely going back. they are builders.
They pick up little rocks in their mouths and move them into position to create a burrow home for themselves . they live in colonies at about 60 feet down.
It is not nitrogen narcosis, I promise.

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