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raw underwatwer seems to be the ticket

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Raw shooting and adjusted color temp. to 5000. Its still a little blue but 100% better than before. Thanks for the tip!

Edited at 2010-02-26 07:45 pm (UTC)

Wow! Inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. =)

Thanks, Mr.Sad suggested i use RAW mode on the camera so i just went out an hour ago and took this as an experiment in color. i'm very happy i think i've discovered what has been wrong with my underwater shots.

Yeah! This shot is almost perfect! :) I'm glad if I help you.

I wish I could take a trip and take pics with you. =) I really look forward to your posts.

This is the top of the first wall at 60'. It goes down to a shelf at 150' and then a second wall that runs from 150' to 250'.
We call it the unofficial wall because officially we don't go there. ;-)

The problem is actually the lack of proper lighting. You will need better strobes. Shooting closer or using natural light if you are just below the surface helps a lot too! RAW doesn't have much to do with it.

For the little guy, (the yellowhead jawfish) I'm going to take the strobe down next time.
good suggestion.

WOW! After looking at your page. I am definitely going to take the sea and sea strobe underwater next time.
I was using the flash on camera.
красивое фото, интригующее.
Спасибо вам

Next time you see that turtle try shooting upwards. Waiting for the jawfish, too!

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