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Black Grouper
Mycteroperca bonaci

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He's in a family called 'Seabass'. This one is about 45lb. and still not as big as he will be.
Taken this morning about 11:00.in 1 meter of depth..

hehe groupers are like the bulldogs of the sea-ugly but cute.

that is a scary looking creature!

Its really one of the most friendly.
Just interested in what you have to feed it.

I feed him sardines from my pocket.

Watch out for your fingers!

He is a champion of a predator in his world , but always friendly to me and other divers.
i once offered him my regulator from my mouth as a joke like i would another diver that needed air, ....he took it in his mouth quickly thinking i was offering food. then spit it out . i needed it to breathe so had no alternative but to swap a little spit with him that day.

mean-looking fish :-) BTW, I am seriously thinking of visiting Belize. When is the best time? Winter?

I like summer. the winter is crowded with tourist.
Summer isn't to hot and the seas are calmer.

Its red eyes against the dark body gives it quite the demonic look :o

I think the eyes may have cataracts.
The camera flash caught them.

(Deleted comment)
Yes , but hes such a puppy dog.
Looks mean but only wants you to feed him a snack.
Over the years hes learned divers have food so he waits under the boat and follows.

(Deleted comment)

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