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Loggerhead Turtle Belize
Caretta caretta

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Yesterday on a Local Dive

Edited at 2010-04-15 02:55 pm (UTC)

Sorry, it's me again :)

Amazing photos!
But.. they still need some post-processing, IMHO.
I recommend you to read any ofDan_Margulis books about color correction.
I think it looks better:

220.61 КБ

Here, how I did it:

Add new adjustment layer by pressing this button on layers palette:

47.90 КБ

and select "Curves..."

then, select Red, Green, Blue channels and make their curves like this:

96.36 КБ

94.91 КБ

93.15 КБ

That's all!

Try to play with curves on your choice and feel the power of this simple instrument.

Good luck!

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