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Woody likes Papaya also

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Beautiful picture! Welcome to special woodpecker's community dolbo_birds ;)

Woodpecker community? This is relevant to my interests...

Welcome! We created this community 3 months ago. Now there are mostly European woodpeckers. Now the first steps of this community. Join us, please!

Дятел любит папайю, а я люблю дятла =)

That's funny, I have a red-belly woodpecker stop by my yard every time but I keep missing it!

Великолепное фото, как сойка, так и golden-fronted woodpecker. Любят папайю, а вот я попробовал - совсем не понравилось. А ведь полезно.

Bubba - is that the same kind of redbelly we have in the states - Melanerpes carolinus,?

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