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account crashing
My journal seems to be going. I got a notice of expired account and i cant get any of my credit cards to work in their system. bummer this is my favorite place.

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Oh no! I love your pics. Open another one?

That's depressing because I LOVE your photos!

D= Do you have a paypal? You can try and renew the account through paypal! You had such beautiful photos :(

A pity to read it. Hoping it will not be long.

Why not to keep it Plus?

Have you tried contacting LJ help about it?

Why the system does not accept your cards? What does it say?

In the final resort you don't have to have a paid account; I don't, and I think I probably post more pictures than you. Or maybe they accept paypal.

Exactly. They will definitely expect paypal.

Well, you can still post with a free account, just not polls and other features and you'll get spammed with ads but your journal remains, even if you don't pay for it.

Wow Thanks Everyone, Yesterday I was very frustrated and just quit trying.
I contacted them several times after about six failed attempts to put the charge on two different credit cards, it shouldn't be that hard to pay money, they seem to have issue with my address, which is sorta unusual, no street numbers because no streets and no zip code because were a small island . I'll do Pay Pay this afternoon when my patience is better.
Wow thanks for the encouragement LJ friends.
PS I hate advertisements being on the page and like lotsa storage for large files.

Re: cant get credit cards to work for payment
LiveJournal.com Support <accounts+1133263zv5ev@livejournal.com>
Add to Contacts
To: elbertgreer@yahoo.com
Below is an answer to your support question regarding "cant get credit cards to work for payment"


I'm very sorry that you're still having this problem and I apologize for the continued frustration. I'm afraid that the error that we're getting is still the same -- that your payments are failing due to an address verification security error.

Unfortunately, neither we, nor our payment processor have access to the records used to perform this security check. I'm afraid that it's not possible for us to find out exactly what the problem is with the address. Without being able to actually see the address records, we can only offer advice based on past experience.

These records are often kept by a third party company contracted by your bank for this purpose, so they can occasionally be out of sync. In some cases contacting your bank and having them update your billing information, even if it's correct, will cause the records to update to the correct information. You might want to try doing this.

I'm very sorry about this, but the only other solution we have available in this type of situation is to suggest using a different credit card, if you have one that you can use, or making a onetime payment at [http://www.livejournal.com/shop/paidaccount.bml?form=2] with a different payment method.

Please us know if you have any other questions, or if we can help you with anything else.

LiveJournal Community Care
Three different credit cards and one with a different bank.
:-0 Some day i'll get a street and then i can have a house number:-)

Like other people said, you don't need to have a paid account to post photos. You can always store them somewhere else (like flickr or photobucket) and link to them. I post a lot of photos and I've never, ever stored one on LJ's servers.

As for ads, well, that's what AdBlock is for.

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