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Sugar water

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Belize Sugar fields make available raw brown sugar. Mixed with water can make you popular.

Kind of big for a hummingbird, eh?

The feeder has 4 sides and i wanted to block the other three to get them using the one best for camera angle and so i put tooth picks in the other three spouts. this guy just grabbed them, tossed them aside and looked at me with an annoyed look,or so i interpreted.

Yeah - who is the stupid one now?

excuse my off topic.
Have you read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins?

No, but I would... if I had time.

Haunting new concept of what we are. Bio machines created by genes for their purposes.
The book makes some good points of logic for our behavior being pre programed by our genes.
The book brings everything to only two directives from genes for all biological units, they are 'Survive and Reproduce', but could be only just one directive if survive is to enable to reproduce.
Reproducing makes the gene immortal and bio unit disposable.

Don't take it so literally:)

Thank You this one was a surprise.
I was shooting hummingbirds

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