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Go Frigates!

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Thank You.
Lionfish are a big problem and they needed a predator.

It an invasive species from Asia that is taking over the reefs of the Caribbean , eating all the juvenile and has...had :) no natural predator.

Thank you
from the hip shot!

This last year they have gone from rare to common. Hundreds on a dive.

Means their usual prey was common too.

Wow what an awesome shot!

I envy you, I wish to see these guys some day in tropics.

You keep saying that , when?

Lucky pic!
I admire and enjoy all your pics, especially photos of birds, turtles etc....

Thank You , you know i have fun.

(Deleted comment)
I'm doing an experiment you might be interested in. a photo a day.
i committed to a daily weather report with photo.
It makes me a better photographer to have a deadline for a photo every morning that people will see and has specs that I have to adhere to.
ever try that?

(Deleted comment)
Ah see you don't get it. photograph your tooth brush.

(Deleted comment)
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