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Rainforest spot

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Thank You , an good day birding, lots of jungle fruit was ripe.

sulphur breasted toucan?
it was amazing to me when found out their beaks are almost hollow.

beautiful shot.

Very light weight and seems made of many thin layers.

Its the Keel-Billed our national bird

Very nice. By the way, I saw a reddish egret yesterday at Bolsa Chica, which is near Los Angeles. It lives there now, in 2004 it accidentally appeared in California, even though it's closest native habitat is Central Baja and Mexican Gulf coast. But now a few of them are already residents in that California wildlife reserve, birders are not surprised to see them anymore.

They got through immigration :-)

:-) Is it snowing on you?

5th worst snow storm in the history of this state!

I'm OK with snow, I'm just jealous you get to see all those cool birds (:

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