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Black-Headed Trogon
Trogon melanoocephalus

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Is this on the island? I never saw a trogan there.

Rare to see one on the Island. May be associated with the North wind lately.

Its at the Rendezvous on the beach.

Is is the sacred bird in Belize native people as well as Resplendent Quetzal by aztecs?

Quetzal is the bird Mayan lords protected.
Mundo Maya is Belize as well.

Thus, if I understand correctly is it related to all trogon species?

Yes i think so
and the penalty for killing one was death, the Mayan Lords wanted to protect the bird.
they used its feathers.

The Quetzal is a trogon. There is only one family in the order Trogoniformes.

Yes, namely I would be interested if the status of "sacred bird" of Mayas, Aztecs, and other Cenral American people was expanded to all species of family Trogonidae, like this photographed one, or, controversially, to the only Quetzal?

Having fun .
This week we have 60 divers starting to dive with us and it goes on for 9 weeks. 60 in a new group each week! gona be to busy for the birds for a while.

Thank You, I like this one also.

Добрый вечер!Рад взаимно вас зафрендить)Я из Украины город Донецк.

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