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Look who washed up on my beach yesterday!

маленькая черепаха

I think its a her....If so .I will call her 'Sashoo'                                        
Adults weigh 200 to 350 pounds and measure about 3 feet in length.
I took this an hour ago my big thumb helps the prespective.
The loggerhead mating season is from late March to early June. Little is known about courtship or mating habits of the loggerhead (or those of any other sea turtle, for that matter.
Adult females begin to nest as early as late April and they continue right up to early September. Nesting activity is at its peak in June and July. Average clutch size varies from 100 to 126 eggs. Loggerheads nest at night. Natural incubation periods range from 53-55 days.

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How utterly amazing. When I worked whale watches for a couple seasons I saw a turtle only once -probably a Green Sea Turtle.

She's quite cute, and I love the name Sashoo! :-)

Que guapita... :)

p.s. no "небольших черепах"
mejor "небольшая черепаха" o "маленькая черепаха"

My first namesake )))

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