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Belize Gaff Rig Sandlighters

 There is an exciting beauty in the Sandlighters of Belize.

I chased this one yesterday in my outboard to get this shot.

This boat, like many other Lighters, hauls sand from the mainland to Ambergris Caye.

They begin the sail from Belize in the dark with hopes too arrive and unload their cargo at dawn. If the NE Trade Wind helps them along most days they will arrive home before dark.



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(Deleted comment)
I didn't alter and colors
I haven't discovered how to do that yet.
I'm having lots of fun this month. I closed the dive shop for the season and am traveling around my own country as a tourist.

(Deleted comment)
Its the promise.
remember the country music played backwards : )

Very interesting. Nice photo. Belize where is that?

I love that comment.
We like to keep it a secret...a little
The National PR people say 'Belize,Natures best kept secret'
Its in the Caribbean.

Well thank you for sharing that secret I promice I won't tell anybody :) But it makes me want to go there.

It's really striking.
Very beutiful, especially the sea.

I'm exploring Photo Shop but have only done cloneing so far.

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