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Photo Qualty
Why do my photos that I post here on Livejournal look better than when I post the same photos elsewhere on the web? 

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would you give 2 examples to compare?

it seems to me that the only difference is that photos on facebook are resized.

Generally, if resizing is done automatically by the hosting web page software, then it may degrade the quality
-- only cure for this is to do resizing yourself to meet specification (size limits) of the hosting web page.

I am aware of situations when hosting web pages may even automatically adjust colors.
-- in this case, you have to play with settings of the hosting web page.

Спасибо, that helps.

Yes, probably it is for FB. To get the photo as is in FB you need to dowlnload it from its page in the album, not from the FB page.

I've read somewhere people wrote the photo looks best at the FB page if being 2000 pixel wide (the "landscape" position).

я вообще не понимаю - почему фотографии в сети выглядят так по разному. Иногда вижу в сети очень резкие и качественные фотографии, но как это делается - так и не смог узнать.

Yes , I think I am still learning. One difference is our choices in Photoshop when saving. Ive changes to a SRBG file for the web.

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