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Water Taxi

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I like the composition and the nice relaxing feeling the picture emits.

The roads are to rough for traffic on my end of the island so we go by boat a lot.
I'm working with Photo Shop for Dummies book PDF and even at the Dummy level its changeling

:) Good for you. Photoshop can seem difficult at the beginning. I learned it from my friends and my brother, but I do keep the same book near by for more reference.
In case of the previous picture with the coco palms. I would have differed the coco nuts and leaves in size and colors also grouping and flipped some of them to seem even more different. Also it is important to cut elements cleanly all around when copying.
And for the grass on the ground I would have done the same. The stamp tool is great, but it creates patterns, so copy elements randomly from all around the picture. I hope it helps.

Hea ,Thanks loads
I need all the help I can get.
I worked hours on the Black Hawk last night

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