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The beautiful!
The beak is painted as as if in blood - probably that enemies were afraid ;-)

He uses the beak to pick berries in thorn bushes.
I've found the beaks from dead birds in the forest and they are surprisingly light, lots of thin layers.

I like it :) What a beautiful birdy!
You can even crop that extra space on the right alone with the bar, for better composition. :)

When we were there we saw Manikins and Howler Monkeys. Would have LOVED to have seen this guy!

Lamani, It has much more to offer than a day visit. The history of Indian Church, The ruins of the Sugar mill.I could spend weeks there.
I took my boat up the river by myself from the Island thru Orange Walk and docked at a friends house for a few days. Crocks and jungle cats...
I'll post some.

блин какой здоровский.....
а он кусаетсо или нет?
размер по фото не очень понятен)

Я не понимаю "кусаетсо"
Я на новый цифровой фотографии и калибровки будет лучше.

Sorry ))
I meant - Does it bite? How large si it?

No it doesn't bite .it eats berries.
I have a question for you that is a little off the subject.
Today is Oct.27th and its 8:45 AM, for me.
What time and date do you show in Russia?

Не укуса. Она ест ягоды.
У меня вопрос к вам, что это мало у вопросу.
Сегодня Oct.27th и 8:45 утра, для меня.
Что время и дату вы показать в России?

It's Oct 27
evening by tha way )

Humorous sometimes this new world communications.
You will be in 4 hours tomorrow and I'm on other side of planet still in today.
lot of people I communicate with are in their evening moods and I'm in my morning coffee.
Have you ever seen this tool i've copied below?
Its spooky

Sure ))))
I'm in Moscow now - tomorrow we'll move our time 1 hour forward by tha way - government policy&
In order to save money and electricity. Stupid, isn;t it?
So according to the google you are at your boat of some kind, aren't you?

No , I live on small island off the coast about 20 miles.
Belize city is my service provider.
I cleared the land and built my home here 20 years ago. It was a big experience.

That's great.... Is it your island?
Just like your own private Idaho :/
What is it politicaly?

It has a fishing village on the other end.
I have my little coconut grove on my side, small but i call it Eden.
We are a democratcy with two party system,independence from British Colony with joke for an army.

How Russia now, is better as Federation? You live free and happy?

you won't believe it
it's not Evil empire anymore )))
People living enjoying their lives
the best restaurants, yachts - it's all here
Very expensive, sure, not like Tokio, but close ))
Cold War is over, friend )))) Maybe birdies don't know 'baut that)
I wish i could live in a small island... but haven't earn money for that yet.
by the way - whan do You think about american occupation of iraq?

America is new evil empire and Bush needs to get helmet like Darth Vader.

The world has changed a lot in the time I have been on this island I spent most of the 1990's with out television and newspapers. I was building my home in extremely remote area with no roads to it and no electrical service .
I get to see through LJ a new world.

Он очень и очень позитивный и жизнеутверждающий ;)

I'm happy for russia .
I can see through the post of photography. life is good.

Я рад за россия.
Я вижу по почте фотографии. жизнь - это хорошо.

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