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The Great Blue Heron


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(Deleted comment)
Yes ,I'm having a good time but still don't have the camera I want.
I'm learning a lot about Photo Shop.

I was a photographer from 15 years old until I was 40 and then I really don't know what to say I just didn't touch it for about 20 years. OMG that makes me pretty fuckin old doesn't it.

(Deleted comment)
Well Thanks . I do feel great but I've had a little shy run about posting my photo I'm getting wrinkled thin and spotted.
but I'm going to have to come up with a pic soon.

(Deleted comment)
I tried the long arm shot that every one does.
You know hold it out and shoot back at yourself.
pretty scary.
I like this one best but dark glasses and a hat are the chicken way out.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, Your a pretty good photographer yourself.
I like to have fun and adventure
Did you meet Oscar?

(Deleted comment)
I joined this community and I get a feed of some really good photography every day, have you been to this page?

I spent 2 hours with it in photo shop.
I'm slow and learning as I go.
but having fun. Thanks

Great shot. Such wonderful detail.

Thanks, everyone seems to like this one . It was the easiest to take I guess thats why I like some of the others better.
I'm very excited today I just purchased a new Nikon D-80 with the 18 to 200 zoom from a camera store in the united States and a friend is bringing it down on November 26th. I'll probably have to buy more space from LJ after that.

when I was 25 I shot a lot of 35mm and carried two cameras around my neck at once . one with a long lens,the other wide. shooting available low light I used a soft touch shutter release to prevent camera movement. I accidentally hit the shutter release of the one I wasn't using with my elbow and it went off.I sold that photo in an Art auction for 1200. usd. it made me smile at the art world then and I'm smiling now.

Wow - great story! I'm brand new to photography...bought my first camera at the beginning of September. Point and shoot. >.< I've got tons to learn...but I'm having fun with it!

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