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Fruit Loops

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another photo

cool bird yobubba! must be nice being in michigan we got the gales of november come early..BRRR!!!

A cold front with the Northern wind is 70 degrees f. here.
burrrrrr : )

This guy at all my sea grapes in just a few days. left me with only Toucan poop.

Aww! Too bad you can't sell Toucan poop on Ebay or something to recover your losses there! :)

salamat for adding me in your friends list.

i just wonder how you found me. i remember hanging out on top of a rubber tree last week. i looked more like a primate than a hummingbird. ;)

i visited your page and catching a glimpse of these winged creatures makes me happy. =)

until then...

Liked your page, and you seem like my kinda person. Putumayo fan also, I live just across the carib sea
'Makes me happy' i like that!
where do you live?



my native tongue.

where do you live?

some archipelago in southeast asia. ;)

(Deleted comment)

Re: Не большой соц опрос на тему инет биза

1. У меня нет дохода от работы на линии
2. Моя Интернете является продолжением моего хобби. Кроме моего личного образования Российской мира.
3. Результатом работы на этом сайте - это книжная опубликованные по этой теме.

Superr!!!! I very like tukan :)))

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