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One Vote

In my country we dip our finger in an ink well when we vote.
Woke up today with a new government.

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Something is wrong with the cameras , every time someone takes a photo of me with it the photo comes out looking like some old man. I'm trying to adjust.
:-) thanks

That's really cool! And you look great in this picture.

geebuz yer cute!
i like old men:)
new goverment, eh?

How do you use the ink?

Its a mark you get to keep people from voting twice. We do the usual things like register and have a role of registered voters, this is a little extra measure. I think it was part of the plan Jimmy Carter started years ago when he met with all the democratic country's in central America here on Ambergris Caye to assist them with fair election processes. When I go to vote they check the role, look at my ID and then announce my name loudly to a room of representatives from all the parties involved in the election,and if no one objects to my identity. I then put my finger in an ink well and am given a ballot.

(Deleted comment)
But I know what you mean and yes darling I am very.

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