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cyanocorax yucatanius ambergris caye Yucatan Jay

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I think hes using his tail to balance himself.
This is a mature male

What a beautiful blue color to the bird.

One of the more interesting aspects of this bird is how different it looks at different stages of its development , for instance it is born white with blue wings yellow bill and bright yellow orbital eye ring.
In the spring i'm going to shoot a young one to show.

hi there bubba! how's the weather?

Nice shot.

and in only vaguly related news- tt's long but since you are both interested in birds and more local than anyone else I know, the Peregrine Fund is looking for someone to watch an Orange Breasted Falcon nest in Belize. This is the posting that was circulated on the neotropical raptor mailing list.

Orange-breasted Falcon Volunteer

Agency: The Peregrine Fund
Job Description:
The Peregrine Fund is a non-profit organization working to conserve birds of prey and their habitats worldwide. Successful applicants will be provided with the unique opportunity to monitor one Orange-breasted Falcon nest in Belize. This position will require working long, challenging hours. The short time in which the study can be completed and the remote location preclude "time off."
Applicants receiving positions will participate in a unique Orange-breasted Falcon study.
The Peregrine Fund will provide the successful applicant with one spotting scope and one tripod that must be returned once the study concludes.

1. Biologist or biology student with basic Neotropical flora and fauna knowledge

2. Knowledge in raptor biology and ecology desirable

3. Willingness to live and work in remote, rugged areas with snakes, biting insects, etc.

4. Be in good health and be capable of walking long distances in extreme weather conditions (heat, humidity, and rain)

5. Fluency in written and spoken English

6. Understanding of and commitment to The Peregrine Fund's mission and approach to raptor conservation

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Monitor an Orange-breasted falcon nest from the time eggs are laid to when chicks fledge (about two months)

2. Give maintenance to a remote camera system installed close to the nest (change batteries, download data from digital video recorder, etc.)

3. Communicate with Raptor Release Coordinator and local partners on a regular basis

4. Attendants must be able to read color-coded bands through a spotting scope

5. Keep detailed field notes of the falcons' behavior, movement patterns, interactions with other species, etc.


1. A small stipend towards food will be provided.

2. Appropriate recognition in scientific papers and personal references

3. Volunteer is expected to cover his/her travel and lodging costs, as well as to pay all his/her medical costs. Proof of medical insurance in effect during the time period of the releases will be required

4. Great field experience and the unique opportunity to work in pristine Neotropical rainforest and reintroduce an rare raptor species into the wild

Send cover letter, resume, and names and contact information of three references, as well as availability to:

Raptor Release Coordinator
The Peregrine Fund/ Fondo Peregrino

PTY 3150
10000NW 25th St Unit #1
Miami, FL 33172

Or by E-mail: fpp@fondoperegrino. org

I'm going to post this with the tour guides, which part of Belize would be helpful to know.

Great shot, nicely cropped. Beautiful colors are accented by the black frame. Well done :)))

How is your progress in Photoshop?

Its geting better but i havent gotten into the 'layer' thing yet just useing the tools , i love it.
Thanks for asking

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