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Mayan Oirole on Ambergris Caye (Yellow Backed)

The fibers are from the coconut tree and the roof is banana leaf. Look how they split the leaf and wove the coconut fiber into it.
She was waiting  for me to finish with the photo
to deliver breakfast with a grasshopper in her mouth.

Its under the big leaf at the top.

I shouldn't assume everyone knows how bananas grow. here they are guys.

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baby bird is so cute)

:3 why do bananas grow ~upsidedown~?

and who says you don't eat them upside down? and they grow right side up.
I had a camera like that once it always took the photograph upside down , I would always put the photographs in the frame the other way and no one ever noticed. :-)

I love the first shot. I thought bananas grew the other way.

Another little tidbit about the banana. the plant only gives one bunch and then you should cut the tree down it will reproduce through the root system and the old tree will slow the process after it gives the bunch.
I asked my neighbor how to tell when they are ripe and she said don't worry you will know they where ripe when they disappear.

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