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The sun came up today.....again

I had a good morning but it didn't net much. I located a good spot to shoot from in the lagoon. I told Bubba I needed a shot of a Mangrove Swallow for the book and needed to find one, He said lets go look in the mangrove.....I hate it when he does that to me.

I shot this spoonbill this morning at my new spot. The black thing in the tree is a Grackel. I saw lots of Mangrove Swallows but their fast and I didn't get of a shot.
playing with Photo Shop

This is the Papa changeing shifts with Mama he has the bright red cap . This shot is for Rosy1

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Thanks . I found a sweet spot I'm going back to tomorrow. Crocks are a real concern in the lagoon and this is high ground....well high for the swamp :-)

The first shot is stunning. Right now I'm looking out my window at blowing snow. We got about 7 inches so far with 2-4 more predicted today.

Thats why I live here , One of the big reasons at least. :-)

After 8 years, the snow is still novel for me. I grew up in New Orleans.

Aaaaaaaaaah! I thought you were just teasing me! This is fantastic.

Thank you -- and Bubba, of course! :P

I'm happy and lucky I can actually keep promises like that. I need to stop every once and a while and just feel good about what is all around me.

That sun looks like needs a magazine cover :)

true beauty that sun shot there bubba!

Thanks , I got lucky .

First photo is beautiful.

Thanks , I made a screen saver of it.

the first picture is amazing!

It happens a lot from the end of my dock in the mornings with coffee.

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