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Cayo Pajaros
I get 3 or 4 requests a week to take tourist birdwatching.
I have been saying I don't do that and sending them on tours where they can see birds and not doing tours myself, I've been saying I don't have the time and this and that.....I'm changing. Today I did my first trip for a trial run, but with the crew and not live tourist. It was amazing. We left at 6:00, timed and measured everything to make it a routine trip returning at 9:00. (Birders are an early morning crowd).
The trip is to Cayo Pajaros and Cayo Rosario, two small bird nesting islands in the back. Wow Wow Wow this old birder had a good time.

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Oh yes this is a White Ibis.
I'll post more later
The little Islands have inter lagoons full of nesting birds and are packed with young.

how you doin bubba? we got a COLD rain here in michigan today! :(

sorry about that ,its shorts and sunny here :-)

i wish i had that kind of tour as well)

I'm lucky to be the Boss and can have the crew take me.
I'm creating a regular run for the birdwatchers that visit.

One day I will make it to Belize and take your birdwatching tour!
(I promise to leave the Tiara at home =D )

If you do bring the Tiara I'm sure the captain will let you sit on the bow and wave like the Queen :-)

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