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White Ibis on Rosario Caye
Eudocimus albus

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In Egypt regarded as the reincarnation of Thoth, the sacred ibis was sacred to the god of knowledge, who had the form of an ibis-headed man.

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Florida reminds me of my home here on Ambergris but no one seems to ever agree with that.
I read a lot of Carl Hiaasen ( a Florida writer)and the parallels are definitely there......and so are a lot of the same birds. :-)

hello, friend))))

i was very surprized - you're from Belize!!!

it sounds like you're from another galaxy!!!!

ypur birds're stunning - i like them very-very much, i guess nature in your country is astonishing)))

wellcome to Ukraine!

and take all those nice birds with you)))

Друзья, потому что мир круглый
Ваша фотография очень хорошая
Является ли это примером того, Украина женщин?

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