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Thats dog food from Bubbas bowl papa is feeding the chick

Yay this picture made my day:D

I took it an hour ago it made mine also ;-)

Really stunning pics, both. That a palm they're nesting in?

Coconut tree the island used to be a big coconut plantation.
Doesn't seem to hurt the trees lots of holes for lots of years and still healthy looking trees.

Aww what a fabulous picture! :)

(Deleted comment)
The nikon VR 400zoom 4.5, I had too experiment with it a while before anything looked sharp the long lens needs at least a 200th sec.hand held and F8 before its sharp.
I'm rating speed at 1600 to get that.
I don't mind the grain effect. if 'grain' is what its called with digital :-)

Noise... And I don't see any (which at 1600 ISO is a miracle).
Which body is the 400mm attached to?
(And I am now kit jealous, because I have been lusting after a new long lens for ages - doubt very much I'll be able to afford any proper Nikkor glass for the foreseeable future).

The long lens was expensive but I justified it with one of those 'You only live once' kinda logics, the kind that make your credit card bill an endless pay schedule.
'Noise' Thanks for that.
I soften the Noise with a photo shop tool a lot.
I'm dangerous with photo shop. I do lots of things I don't understand but have good results. I hope the color separator at the publishers doesn't reject them because of some weirdness I'm creating in Photo Shop.
I'm about to submit 60 photos for the book and I'm very nervous I've done a lot of work on the photos and they might not work well in print.

Edited at 2008-04-30 01:58 pm (UTC)

4 days late in replying... ***points at sparkling house and Mother on the sofa in the living room***

You are going to be published?? Fantastic!!
Judging by the quality fo your work I have seen, I really don't think you have anythig to worry about. :)

Thanks, Editing is a painful process for writers all around.
and thats where we are now in final editing. lots of cutting and slashing.
Today was brutal .
If it gets to bad I go birdwarching and relax:-0
what a tough life :-)

That is *gourgeous*... And the BABY!
Excellent shot as always. :)

I'm feeling like I want to protect this little guy. He's going to want to learn to fly soon and its a big dangerous world out side.
Sound like I'm getting emotionally attached? :-)

Nothing wrong with that.:)
I am still *very* protective of the 'kitten' - who is now 18 months old and knows how to look after himself.:)

Прелесть!!!!!!!!!!! ))))))))

У меня много удовольствия, с моей новой камеры.

А что за камера, расскажи, может я пропустила?!?!

Я купил Nikon D-80 с 400mm объектив только для птиц.
Он принял некоторые практики, чтобы получить четкие фотографии.
Можете ли вы читать английский должностей?
Я использую переводчика программного обеспечения для российских, но она не делает хорошее дело. Иногда смысл совершенно иной.

I don't know why that last post was marked anonymous. Its me:-)

Пока я все понимаю!

Мне нравится пытается общаться на русском языке.
всегда весело и образования для меня.
Иногда перевод не очень точный, но затем она становится задача организовать слова следует понимать правильно.
Иногда он выходит с чувством юмора, и иногда это трактуется как оскорбление, но всегда я имею в виду только хорошие вещи и пользоваться привилегией видеть в вашем мире.

Oh, it finally showed up!

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