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Reddish Egret on Rosaro Caye belize

Egretta rufescens

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Ой,невнимателен был в вечером :)

невнимателен translates to nevnimatelen
I don't know what that word is :-)
The photo is taken in the early morning.
My Russian is via translation software :-)
Automatically translated text:
I enjoy learning.
Мне нравится обучения.

We`ve found a common language ;))

Thanks , I'm back in photography because film is messy and a lot of trouble and digital makes it all fun again.

(Deleted comment)
And thank you for commenting

That is an unusual shade of red!

I think it might be because of the breeding going on its late spring here. I think he is normally a lot grayer.

Wow that is a beautiful photo. Very majestic!

The island is packed with heron nesting , I shot my memory card full in an hour, about 110 shots.

(Deleted comment)
New for me also I had to look it up in the Costa Rica book.

Leg and foot color are sometimes the key to the ID of the bird , so many morph stages in so many heron it gets confusing sometimes, so I developed a chart that uses color of legs feet and beaks only.

Very nice shot

Whats the story behind it?

Привет! А как называется эта птица?

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