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Egretta tricolor

Egretta tricolor

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A young male in his first breeding season.
The tricolored heron on Ambergris caye.Its so nice to be able to just step outside and capture something like this is just 10 min.

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(Deleted comment)
In central America
Island off the coast called Ambergris caye
lots of water birds

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I love the new world on line
I can chat with all the corners of the world at leisure.
Your Mum's Garden sounds like a treasure

I like his orange bits contrast with the blue. Very pastel... almost as if dust would fall from him if you shook him.

Heron's are religious birds are they not? Was it the Egyptians?

Regardless, great photo!

Your thinking of the Ibis
we have those also

Edited at 2008-05-11 09:02 pm (UTC)

Ah yes, that's right. Quite similar.

I think i prefer the this Heron ;)

On the link above the comments about Heron and the tora and bible are about them saying as religious law Christians and jews should not eat them. my friend knows that and was just making a wise crack about being supper. :-)

Haha... like a French restaurant where you select your lobster?

"I'll have this Heron please! He looks tasty."

I did a little more research and apparently the Egyptians, along with Ibis, held Herons and Hawks and many other birds in high regard. Strange then that they should also love cats :/

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Thanks I'm having a short walk at the Lagoon in the morning and its full of birds , Heron are easy they hold still :-)

that is a very wonderful photo. i just sat and looked at it for a while.

thank you for putting it up online. :-)

Thank you , I'm having fun

Ты просто художник! А триколор- это про наш флаг РФ!

i love your birds photo. especialy this one. it's fantastic.
and thanks for adding me to your friends.

(sorry for my english...)

I love how the bird is offset to the right of the frame.

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