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Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

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They probably consider you an official photographer of Ambergris Caye and try to look correspondingly.

This one is absolutely great.

I've developed the nick name 'Birdman' from a lot of people that only know me for that, and thats OK I'm been known for worse. :-)
when this little guy grows up he will look like this.

When I come to Belize, I'll take my scuba gear to check your evil side.

Feeding hungry sharks 45 meters down in an ancient cave that dates back to the ice age is my idea of a good time, so be careful what you wish for. :-)

Be careful when you do 2 things with Russians:
1. Drink
2. Dive

I am admired by photos of birds in your diary! Gallant!

Thank You its developed into a book ,....soon to be published

I never seen a bird that color. wow!

Another awe-inspiring photo!!

This is superb! Thank you for sharing.

Re: Another awe-inspiring photo!!

Your Welcome. Its another Baby Bird :-)

Wow Thanks for that!
I haven't had to go to that extreme ....yet.

Fantastic picture! I,ve posted it in my blog with some information about you...

Я читал его. Спасибо.
Мое программное обеспечение для перевода не сможет перевести все, но он получил основной темой в поперечнике.
Как бы вы говорите на русском,
"The World Is Round"?
That may not be completely translatable.

OK! My friends are very glad to know you and nice pictures of yours...
World is really flat. But no one knows that....

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