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My Sunday Morning post

Egretta tricolor
The Tricolored Heron is nesting on a small island called Cayo Pajaros on the west side of Ambergris Caye in Belize. I had to get up at 5:am for this visit.

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(Deleted comment)
Its said a lot in photography circles that 'it isn't the camera' .....but I got this 400 mm lens and it was suddenly a new world.

(Deleted comment)
I guess the first step is getting a camera with interchangeable lenses. Do they have that feature?

Its said a lot in photography circles that 'it isn't the camera'

Absolutely. Fantastic shot!
...Didn't know that herons had so many colour variations. :)

какая птица! я такой не знаю.

Герона с тремя цветами
называется "тройной цветной Герона
Its rare.

спасибо. в первый раз о такой слышу. любопытно.

WOW! Beautiful bird and you managed to capture all its majesty. Awesome photo.

that's a majestically gorgeous bird!

Thanks, and it was a 'from the hip' shot.

It's beautiful! great shot.

It takes a lot of skill to take such a great picture and You've got all of them!
absolutely breath-taking for animal lovers.

Thanks, I'm having fun. I think being a photographer with film when I was a young man gave me an advantage when I picked it up again, but digital makes it all so new.

That is an absolutely fabulous shot. Scrolling down the most recent posts, it seems that all your pictures can be placed in the category of "gorgeous."

Thank you for your recent addition of me to your friend list. I'm assuming you came from the photographer's community? I haven't done a lot of pictures on my livejournal, but that's something I'll be remedying soon.

Now, if only I could afford more than my little Panasonic point-n-shoot. :)

Its said 'It isn't the camera'.
But my shots sure got better when i got my Nikon :-)

*nods* The camera can't help with things like a good eye for what will make a good photo, or framing, but it can definitely help you capture the exact moment you're trying to catch.

the Aquarium Pictures are very nice.

Such beautiful photos.

Its said a lot in photography circles that 'it isn't the camera

It's also patience, the will to wake up early, and a good eye.

I think....мда didn't translate :-)

Wow...there is some really nice photography on your site . very nice....super.

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