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Wood Stork
Mycteria americana

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I was on a quest to photograph the King vulture and just happen to see this guy.

the success!
ps My English is bad, I am using Babelfish translator

My russian is worse
I use
Мой русский еще хуже.
Я использую
We try

мы стараемся

Может быть мы обучим Гугль таким образом что не будет искажений ?
Maybe we train Google in a way that will not be distorted?

Google is evolving and will get better.
Problem is also the idioms
Idioms don't translate.
If I speak with out idioms it works better.
Google развивается и будет все лучше и лучше.
Проблема заключается также идиомы
Идиомы не переводить.
Если я выступаю без идиом она работает лучше.

Идиомы это очень человеческое
Idioms is a very human (Google translate "Idioms is a very personal" but i think "human" is better word)

How do you get the birds to sit still? *laughs*

Have you never tried?

Oh yes. I am often found yelling "quit moving ya bastard!" toward my bird feeder.

Gorgeous shot of a wonderful bird!

Yesterday was a good day
I got a shot of the king ,I'll post later.

nice birdy!

was it enough of light there in the forest for taking this bird sharp on the picture?

1600 speed,
It allows it.
Its creating a 'look' to the photos that I don't mind.

I never used 1600 before..
well.. I'll try :)

A lot of photographers are upset if their photos aren't 'sharp'. Sharp is probably not really what they mean, a fast speed, that stops movement and an f stop that has what you need in focus is what I want. The grain/noise isn't objectionable to me.
I use the sharp feature on Photo Shop and that seems to intensify the grain/noise but ,I'm just going to call it all an effect and say its my style :-)
thats my story and I'm sticking to it :-)
PS focusing on infinity is a waste, the zone(depth of field) moves forward and back from a point and there is nothing on the other side of infinity so half is wasted if you rack your focus all the way thinking it will be sharper.

well I don't see 'visible' grain on your pictures and if you use a fast speed and sharp feature and I don't see the grain - that's I call a good thing!
And I agree thats focusing in inf. is a waste.
I'm searching for optimum 'depth of field' doing many and many tries for one bird and sometimes successfully :)
But all what I want is a sunlight..

Wow, this is a very stunning shot. All the elements of the photo seem to match perfectly :)

I sometimes get lucky, I've found that shooting a lot of frames of a subject increases chances . I shot about 20 of this bird. He moved a lot and then saw me and stopped to stare.
I probably am the strangest looking thing he had seen in a long while.

All of your photos are awesome! I have a great pleasure looking at masterpieces of "bird art'!
And you do love birds much. ))
I've met several really talented people. One of them is you.

птиц экзотический

I live in экзотический place

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