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The new generatiom emerges

The little guy flies around now and is still concidering this hole where he hatched home, Oh and the little guy is a Girl. :-)

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A great Sunday morning calm and sunny. I thought you might like an up date on the new generation of woodpecker in my cocal.

Замечательно. Этакий экзотический дятел.

oh, exotic woodpeckers ))

here is russian woodpeckers
a week ago:

mb you saw it..

very cool looks like an Acorn woodpecker,
nice shots


Спасибо. Это интересно

Interestingly and wonderfully! :)

Film was a lot of work, digital inspires me.


I love the offset & DOP.
Great work, as usual. :D

Did you ever read of the Darwinian Imperative. This wood pecker has been successful. A long line of doing what works.

This is just awesome! Love it!!!

'Life's better on the porch' you may be interested to know most of my photography is taken from my home. this wood pecker is in my front yard.
The Yucatan Jay is taken from out my bathroom window :-)

Thats what I said :-)

Thank you, Its big fun

epitome of cuteness. ;)

hm, how do you know it's a girl?

The red top on the male goes down the neck

i see. =)

btw, i remember yo everytime i see a pied fantail (maria capra) flying right in front of our window. =) we actually didn't know the bird's name until we saw a similar image on the birdwatcher's link you sent me some time back.

i'm learning a lot from you.

maraming salamat!

we also have a yellow-vented bulbul and a maya flying around.

s'all. =)

magandang araw!

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