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Very Young Yucatan Jays

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In 6 more months they will look like this;
I've never seem a bird morph as radical as the Yucatan Jay.
2 months ago they where white birds.
and still dog food makes every one get their photograph taken.

These look very different than the bluejays we have here--more like seagulls. :)

They are closer to Brown Jay and Green Jay.
I think the Yucatan Jay is rare I've succeeded in luring them to my house I didn't see them for 15 years on the island but now its eating dog food every day from my feeder.

And I just saw the pictures of how they will look later--lovely!

Incredible looking birds!

I just saw your membership in ornithology and joined.
Do have formal training in the subject?

No, but an enthusiastic amateur since a child
this is older brother who is about 6 months ahead in the morphing to adult' process.
the debate is over Bubba's dog food rights.

Wow, those are beautiful birds! (And so are the adults). I've never seen one of those before, thanks for sharing! :)

Your welcome , I think they are rare and I'm lucky to be getting a look at all the stages of morph.

that picture is almost ghostly - very beautiful :)

I'm working on some low light techniques with the camera/photo Shop combo.
1600 speed
I like the effect

They're beautiful, but they're absolutely *gorgeous* as adults. Wow.

симпатичные птичата.

благодарю Вас
Фильм фотографии не было весело для меня
аналогичные работы

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