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Photo Shop Fun

Type your cut contents here.

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Whatever happened to "the camera doesn't lie?"!

Sugar coated truth :-)
hea look at the last one at difference when I made the pixel count the same as the lj post.
quite a difference at Same Size, none of those ugly saw teeth.

It's a wonderful tool.
My SO's been having fun, transposing a picture of me with James Marsters (from Buffy - taken at a convention) to one of the bays in our area, so it looks like we were on holiday together!
Little things amuse him!

Hee. Isn't photoshop great?:)

Yeah , Hea I'm going inland to the jungle in sept. I know where a Potoo hangs out and I thought you might like a shot. interested?

Edited at 2008-07-06 04:48 pm (UTC)

Yes please! A picture of a potoo would be fabulous!

(Deleted comment)
That translated 'Ah!Everything'
I guess that means you like it :-)

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