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End of a good dive

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All of your pictures are seriously making me want to move to Belize. *Sigh*

I went diving today to show some people about underwater photography, wow was it a good day for diving.
So come already your life's clock is ticking, are you having fun?

(Deleted comment)
It is but some people can complain anyway, Its all an attitude lovely or not.

lookin' for the birds under water? ;)

I'm having some big fun with underwater digital . its very cool.
and its nice to own a dive shop when you want to go out and dive you can have surface support waiting. I'm a luck man.

Own support waiting is good.
It reminds me a movie "Open sea" where the boat forgot about two divers and after this they were eaten by sharks.
Is there a sharks in this water?

I mean movie "Open water"

rarely see sharks but dont feel like its a realistic fear.
so far....:-)

не знаю англ., но фото понравилось

Мой русский переводчик с программным обеспечением. :-)
Я стараюсь

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