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Mennonite Women on a Sunday afternoon in Belize

Type your cut Not far away is an adventure camp built by well-known environmentalist Ernesto Parra [My note: better known as Maleno Parra].

"From here we do tours through the jungle, on the Hondo River and to Belize," said Parra, an employee of the tourist bureau in Chetumal. He serves people from all over the world who get a chance to spend a few days close to nature. And in the future they will have the opportunity to glide over the river in environmentally friendly house boats - so-called aqua lodges - the way "mensajeros de salud" people who looked after the medical needs of the remote settlements, once did.

To avoid Chetumal, and the coast on the way back to Belize, head to the town of La Unión. It is the furthest-most Mexican border point on the Hondo River and not far from Guatemala. Small boats bring visitors across the river to Belize, where a customs officer only occasionally shows up. On the other side lies Blue Creek, the land of the Mennonites, who arrived in 1958 from northern Mexico.

And they have transformed the rest of the jungle, left behind after the exploitation of the tropical forest by British wood exporters, into prospering farmland. The families in the Mennonite communities in Blue Creek have planted straight rows of corn, rice, beans, grain and many more crops in the fields.

The Mennonites also produce beef and dairy products, and for the last five years they have operated a huge chicken factory. They also export papayas to the United States. They have construction companies, and are also in the shrimp-farming business.

To the South of Shipyard, a village in the Orange Walk District is a large community of "old" Mennonites who still get around by horse and cart.

Still farther south lies one of the most impressive Mayan sites in the region. Lamanai is spread out along the west bank of the New River Lagoon near Indian Church. As the roads are in poor condition, the rivers are the most pleasant way of reaching Lamanai and generally to experience the interior of Belize. The rivers also support the traditional pastime of fly fishing, especially at the Belize River site of the time-honoured Belize Fishing Lodge.
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(Deleted comment)
Thanks, I was using a 400mm lens and shot this from a boat passing down the river. I used a crown of tourist as a blind. they are shy and don't like their photo taken.
Its was a very lucky shot the boat was just passing.

I guess this kind-of counts as "bird pictures" (:

I was on a Birding tour :-)
Seriously I have a new interest in depicting my country. I've noticed advertisers are using stock photos from other country's and even some from the wrong side of the planet to show Belize. So I'm collecting Stock Photos of Belize to help out with the accuracy in the way we are displayed to the world.

That is a great photo shot :)

Great shot.

I bet they are from Pennsylvania, not South Ontario. Ours are much more conservative.

can't wait to get my new sea and sea wet.

These are from Mexico and came to Belize about 45 years ago.
We leave them alone, don't make them pay taxes or obey laws that are in contradiction to their beliefs.
In return they produce most of the eggs and chicken for the country, great Honey from the rain forest and make Mahogany furniture.

I wasn't aware the lived in Mexico and Belize either. The region where I live in South Ontario is a Mennonite country.

(Deleted comment)
Yes i think all over the world.

Looks like illustration in a book )
Like the shot!

It was just a quick and lucky shot.

очень стильный кадр.

Спасибо. У меня весело.

Great photo. Like others commenting, I didn't know they had spread beyond the US.

Seriously beautiful photo!
(haven't been around much... spend all my time on flickr

Wish you were there... would love your input and of course, to never miss YOUR fantastic photos! xx

Is it wrong if I think Mennonite women are hot?
Just asking...

HA You made me laugh out loud
they wont speak to men outside of the clan and if you talk to them.... the guys start closing in on you as a group.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks , Yes it was luck from a moving boat

One of those lucky shots.
They seem to be looking at me but i don't think they knew i was there.
i took this from a passing boat.

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