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Rare baby Northern Potoo
I promised a photo of a Potoo but dont think this is enough . Its not a good shot and isn't an adult, but I'm still looking.
They are masters of camouflague

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omg and it's a baby one!!!! THANK YOU!!! I shall post it later when I get home. :D :D

those birds are magical. i saw a pic of two a few years ago, and am quite sure it's the most appealing bird, ever.

Симпатичный малыш:)

Awww yay a potoo C: Totally my comms mascot xD

Wow... a stunning lil' beauty!

I never seen a bird like that. Looks like a owl related bird?

Oh wow! That is an interesting bird! It does blend in well :)

просто "Ах!" и всё

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