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Tropical Kingbird in Bomba village Belize

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Man, these are beautiful pictures, but could you possibly either put them behind a cut, or make them less wide - they are stretching my page out of shape so that I can't see the ends of people's sentences, or the place where I have to click to go back/forward etc.

I got a new wide screen and have thought that might be a problem . thanks for pointing it out. i'll change the screen size in photoshop.

Thanks - the effects only last while I'm still on the same page, but it can be a bit awkward.

Nice, what lens did you use on this? the out of focus highlights are really nice.
Oh! Did you get your UW cam yet? I'm dying to see some reef shots from you.


its the 400 nikon VR Zoom.

Got it and the wide angle thanks again for the suggestion also got the flash.
I've been slobbering on the new Sea and Sea but other than that I haven't had time to get it wet. my diving stops every sept. i get dry and shoot in the jungle. I'm going to take it out/down Oct 1.

Oh, admit it, you've had it in the bathtub, havn't you!? (I know I would've lol)

(Deleted comment)
Thank You , I'm having fun

That is such a great shot! And it's another bird I've never seen, too!

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