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Boat-Billed Heron on The Northern River near Indian Church

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Indian Church Village on the Northern River is a story unto its self in the 1700's Jesuits built a church on the river to have the Mayans attend. long story short the mayans burned it down.
now its just stone ruins in the rainfores along side the stone temples of the Mayan all is quiet and onlt the birds and monkeys are around.
Oh hea speaking of monkeys... I'm post that shot in a min.

What does it use its boat-bill for?

A resounding Clap noise that she can hear through out the forest.
I guess its mainly a communication system.
Oh the monkey
I think it was about to grab my camera.
The tree is an Allspice Tree, it was eating the berries i tried one and it was so strong my mouth went numb.

Thank you. The little howler is delightful; maybe if it had got hold of your camera it would have taken a portrait of itself. Or of you.

this is one of the most interesting parts of the mayan ruins in the rainforest area where the monkey was.
Its about 20 feet tall.

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Красота природы
all over the world

Have I mentioned how awesome your pictures are? I want to come and live with you for a month and experience life through your eyes. =) I am Mayan. If you have anymore pictures of the ruins I would love to see them. Its highly doubtful I would ever get to see the ruins in person. How did you get into photography?

I'll have some more Mayan stuff next week . I'm with some mayan that live off the land in the jungle. they look as if they are in the past by 400 years.
cute little houses , i'll have a photo next week i'm on the road

thanks, how is the size?

серьёзная птица)))))

да и недостижимой застенчивый

Your photos are amazing. I especially love this one.

Thanks, I'm on the road and getting a lot more i'll be back at home base and post more in about a week.
I'm visiting a 135,000 acre rainforest reserve in Belize. shooting lots of cool stuff . they have a lot of jaguar but i don't expect to get a shot of one ....but you never know .

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