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Where do you find a Roadside Hawk?
B. magnirostris griseocauda

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(Deleted comment)
Hawks don't seem as afraid , do they.

I'm traveling in the Jungle this week ,lots of birds.

Not SCUBA but for Sept. each year I'm dry.
This is my view from the barns loft I slept in last night.
Its a first class loft.

Wow!!! Magestic is the only other word that comes to mind. *bows to the photography god* This is my favorite of yours by far.

I'm not really that good at photography...I just try real hard and I'm in a good spot.

I just discovered a new way to post photos on liveournal

Belize has deer and I've seen more than a hundred this week ...but this one ...Bambi is alive and well living in Belize.

(Deleted comment)
I went to Photobucket and copied the wrong/not my usual hyperlink address and instead of the links line of type the image popped up.
my account gives me 4 choices it the one that is
http and begins with
<img src= probably not news to most I a little novice

классная фотография! типа - плевал я на вашу прволоку! ))

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