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Ocellated Turkey in Belize
Meleagris ocellata

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Gona hafta come home sometime girl.
bet you havent seen it all yet

I'm definitely visiting when I can afford it. I miss my family for one thing.

They seem so tame and they are all over the jungle and pastures.
I wish i had a recording of the noise they make. it makes me laugh each time i hear it.

I have got to go to whatever country it is you're in.

I know (: It's on The List.

как многогранен мир

Мне нравится, как в Интернете позволяет всем нам быть так близко, и доля

(Deleted comment)
Hea girl . long time
Having fun?

(Deleted comment)
its so good I worry
know what I mean?

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the reminder,
I'm going to try something different in Photobucket that will make everything screen size,
seriously thanks

They are the coolest turkeys ever!

Wow, the colors on those turkeys are incredible!

Wow, they're beautiful.

They're *beautiful*!! I love those iridescent, blunt-ended feathers, and the contrasting yellow/red on the blue of their heads. Just wonderful. Thank you!

Wow! What a beautiful blue color!

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