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Young Yellow-crowned Night Heron at Laguna Seca in Belize
Nyctanassa nycticorax

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(Deleted comment)
maybe he reformatted it, but the size fit/worked on my little lap top screen.

Hummm its 900 pixels, I centered it . is the problem that you have to scroll over because its center screen?
do you have a 15inch screen?
that would make it 800 pixels.

(Deleted comment)
I got this memo from lj, it might be just what you need.

"Persistent style=mine for Paid Users

Many of you know that you can add the parameter ?style=mine to a journal URL in order to view that journal in your own journal's style. In the spirit of giving users more of what they've been asking for, we're giving our users with Paid Accounts a persistent style=mine option. If you want to override other journals' styles with your own all of the time, just turn on the "View all journals and communities in your own style" setting at the Viewing Options page. This will make it so every journal you view will always be shown in your own style. In addition, you can use the navigation strip at the top of most journals to quickly toggle between the journal's original style and your own style. Head over to [info]paidmembers for more information on this new feature."

This is gorgeous! I'm loving your bird pics!

aside from being just a gorgeous photo and gorgeous bird, it's so incredibly clear!

It was a rainy day in the rainforest. a lucky shot

I've been reading about Photo Shop tricks for 'Smart Sharpen'
It works well for images seen as jpeg.
you make it the same size it will be displayed before you use Smart Sharpen then you don't get ugly artifacts.

Your page looks like you and your camera are outside a lot. nice shots.

Great work! Very very nice!

Thanks, I'm having a good time and the camera is taking me places I would never go otherwise.
This is the lake he was on.
Doesn't look like a lake its called Laguna Seca, what means Dry Lagoon.
full of crocks.

Do you use the 'Smart Sharpen' filter from Photo Shop on your photography?

To view an image online invariably. A photos for print usually do not require such processing.

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