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Belizean Woodstork
mycteria americana

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For him , but the bugs where eating me something horrible. When you inhale them up your nose ...their bad.
I've chose this one for the cover of the new book the editor sent galleys back for proofing.
I'm hiring an editor to do it , I would just make the same mistakes over again. I don't think its wise to proofread your own work.

"I don't think its wise to proofread your own work."

-- couldn't agree more. ;)

btw, thanks for sharing with us your super awesome photos. i've never been so hooked on birds until you exposed me (no pun intended).

and oh, i was so amazed to spot this species (though the site says it's common) right outside our bedroom window.



good luck on the new book!


by the way, those that i actually saw were much bigger than the one in the link i gave you. i think it's double the size but has the same pink beak. =)


Wow that bird looks old!

The species is 60 million years I wonder why 60 million is such a popular number. all the science fiction people use that a lot as well.
the individual is mature +

Edited at 2008-10-06 05:32 pm (UTC)

oh my!!!! Popped into LJ because I couldn't sleep and found this exquisite photo. You never cease to amaze me. So gorgeous... when's your next book? :D

I'm having it edited ....maybe another month

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