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Yellow-Backed Oriole I thought the site could use a little yellow

Icterus mesomelas

A little birdie lesson

Why this bird is called a yellow backed.

It looks like it has black wings or black tail. Why is it said to have a yellow hood and not a black face?

The answer is Orioles are a black bird with yellow and not a yellow bird with black.


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(Deleted comment)
Thank you
This one Rodger Tory Peterson called the Mayan Oriole in 1947

that's a beautiful bird.

i was driving yesterday and saw a proper flock of birds doing their cloud formation-thing, and i realized how rarely i see that up here.

it would be a worth a trip all the way down there just to see the birds, let alone the rest of the gorgeous area.

I never thought of that! But maybe it explains why the red bellied woodpecker really has a red head! Lovely pic. :)

Wonderful picture. Orioles are such beautiful birds.

What's in the feeder?

It looks like soaked dog biscuits, like my mother feeds her magpies.:)

That is a beautiful bird!

I've no idea where even to start. It's beautiful!

Photography is a lot of fun , digital makes it easier.

very little photo shop

He's beautiful! It's so lovely to see photos of birds from other places. If I could ask a question though - considering he has so much yellow on him, how is it that he is a black and not a yellow bird? I know with horses we have similar examples, in which a completely white horse can actually be a brown horse with "extreme" white markings, but how is this worked out with birds?

Its the same, its species is a member of a group of black birds.

Oh, cool; that makes sense.:)
Thank you!

I only wish we had such brightly coloured birds here.

So lovely! Brighter than our goldfinches.

Fabulous! Wish I got birds that colorful around here:) I did have a Baltimore Oriole passing through last Spring:)

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