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Cyanocorax yucatanicus
Cyanocorax yucatanicus

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I took this at coffee this morning.
I have a lot of its stages and will post some morf pics later

Ух, какая!!!
Сойка - королева!!!

and that is one stunning, colorful bird.

I've been looking at the other jays and its the most colorful for sure.

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Its a Jay bird. island style :-)

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another amazing photograph - the bird's eye looks like it's reflecting the horizon.

I shouldn't say this but that's my flash

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Wow, its eyes are awesome!

Wow, that is a gorgeous shot! The bright blue feathers is so outstanding against the black under-feathers.

This guy is part of a flock that have been on the island for a long time. a large part of why i'm so interested in them is the many stages of their morphing process isn't recorded.
They are a white bird at birth and for the first year, slowly changing into a blue and black bird.
better link

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A stunning shot of a beautiful bird.

Thank You ,I have a lot of fun.
hea... When I was a young man I hitchhiked down highway 51 from Memphis to your home town so I could drink beer under age and see naked ladys dance. When I was a young man :-)
I sure ended up a long way from home.

wow!!! this is sooooo incredible! It's eye looks like a jewel. Amazing bird, but a truly amazing photo, too! xx

Thank You/Спасибо

What a pretty shade of blue!

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So beautiful! Well captured, too.

You have the most amazing pictures!

Thank You . I'm in a good spot to get shots of birds.
also in a good spot for diving.
we have a lot of common interest.
I own a dive shop on the barrier reef in Belize.

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